Welcome to Companion Dog Sports Program, where obedience showing is fun again………… My ownership of the CDSP obedience venue since 2010 has been very exciting.  I have continued the good work started by St. Hubert's. I have made, and hopefully will continue to make, enhancements to this growing obedience sport. I am very happy to say this venue allows not only purebreds but also mixed breeds and even dogs with disabilities to compete in and enjoy this FUN style of obedience. In the years to come, I would like to increase awareness of CDSP to help make it a widely recognized obedience venue. I will help clubs already hosting CDSP shows continue to host more shows and increase awareness of the "new" sport of obedience. I started trialing in Novice CDSP in 2010 with my Golden Retrievers, Troy and Fly, and my Sheltie, Breezy, and very much enjoyed the challenge of the class and the atmosphere of the day. Please browse through the web site as I am sure you will want to get your dog registered and get out there with your canine companion to "strut your stuff" along with the rest of us who are enjoying the sport again. Sandi Ver Sprill and (left to right in photo above) Fly, Breezy, Stella, Jasmine, and Pippa
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2013 National Rankings
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All Star 2014
2014 All Star Tournament
Did you know YOUR dog could be an All Star? Join hundreds of competitors for the best obedience and rally tournament...where EVERY dog is an All Star! The All Star Tournament being held August 2-3, 2014 in York, PA is open to dogs competing in CDSP. All Star Tournament Information All Star Tournament Obedience Entry Requirements
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Current News! CDSP Rules and Regulations have been updated with some minor changes. Be sure you have the newest version (1.1) before exhibiting or judging at your next trial! Available on the left side of the Exhibitor Information page.
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